June 15, 2021

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“Charlie” Delgado suffers an accident in Maricao

The former candidate for governor and president of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Carlos “Charlie” Delgado Altieri, suffered a car accident last night, Tuesday, in the town of Maricao.

According to newsprtv.com portal, Delgado was traveling in his BMW vehicle when it slipped on a curve on Highway 357, where there was a dirt slope.

The incident occurred when the former mayor of Isabela was returning home after participating in the swearing-in acts of Wilfredo “Juny” Ruiz as the new municipal president of said town.

Delgado Altieri said through written statements that the accident was of a minor nature and did not require the use of a tow truck to tow the car. He also received no medical attention for the incident.

The politician denied that the vehicle fell into a ravine and stressed that he returned to his residence in the car.

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