April 16, 2021

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Charlie Delgado will seek that the primaries continue on or before Wednesday

With the primary event halfway through and in the midst of electoral chaos, the candidate for governor for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Carlos "Charlie" Delgado, arrived this Monday at the headquarters that community to propose to the Governing Board that the primarista process continue no later than tomorrow, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Delgado maintained that its objective is that “it can be determined by the Governing Board of the Popular Party that it be given continuity to this process tomorrow, no later than Wednesday, but it is unacceptable for the weekend ”. To that end, the mayor of Isabela would present a resolution to the Board of the community, which was urgently convened yesterday by the president of the PPD, Aníbal José Torres.

Until now, the Commission State of Elections (CEE) determined that the voting of primaries in the precincts that could not open yesterday, because they did not receive the ballots, would continue next Sunday, August 16.

In addition to holding Juan Ernesto responsible Dávila, president of the EEC, Delgado blamed Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz and Governor Wanda Vázquez, for the electoral chaos, for having promoted and approved a new Electoral Code that was widely indicated.

“What the PNP is massacring the democracy of this country. This was done by Thomas Rivera Schatz and the governor, for having signed a project that was known and it was warned that what we experienced yesterday was going to happen, "he said before entering the meeting of the Governing Board of the PPD in Puerta de tierra in San Juan.

Delgado also complained to the electoral commissioner of the PPD, Lind Orlando Merle Feliciano, for allegedly not alerting earlier about the situation within the EEC.

“If the ballots were not there and there was a doubt that they were available should (the commissioners) have alerted the community and the candidates and anticipated what we happened yesterday. That alert was not given. "

The PPD candidate also reiterated his request that the votes cast yesterday in the schools that did manage to open be counted today. The instruction of the electoral commissioner of the PPD to the school officials yesterday was that the counting machines return to the CEE without closing the vote count of those schools. Said closure would occur on the day that the primary event, interrupted yesterday, ends.

“I did not trust the State Elections Commission, I believe that no one in this country can trust the Commission, much less the custody of those votes there , therefore, this process has to continue as soon as possible and that the votes already cast begin to be counted today, "he said.

The president of the PPD has reiterated that the votes of the PPD already cast will be protected in a vault in power of the party in the EEC.

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