August 4, 2021

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Chat appears involving designated Secretary of Labor in case of less than 11 years | News

A new episode of chat between public officials, comes to light. This time involves the designated to occupy the chair in the Department of Labor, Carlos Rivera.

The conversation is from 2017 when he was Assistant Secretary for Children and Family of the Department of Justice, and supervised criminal cases against children in All the island. In the messages provided to El Nuevo Día, there is evidence of a conversation between classmates where Mr. Rivera was participating and comments on details related to the case of Alma Yariela, a special education student who was arrested and accused of a non-violent dispute with two classmates. In some of the messages, comments are made against Judge Francisco Borelli, who has spoken in public regarding the criminal justice system against minors.

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In the past few days, the designee has tried to minimize his participation in the Alma Yariela case, but it is evident that he was clear about what was happening to him.

Rivera Santiago served as the Assistant Secretary for Children and Family of the Department of Justice in 2017. Since he was in charge of supervising criminal cases against children around the Island.

The designee was questioned during the public hearing of the Appointments Commission of the Senate on his functions as Ombudsman for Minors and explained that the minors involved in the case related to Alma Yadira Cruz were victims of the process.

When they questioned Ri Santiago will see the messages, he said that they did not celebrate the obstacles in the case, but rather that they agreed with the decision of the Court of Appeals to have listened to the agency's requests.

See the messages:

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