March 1, 2021

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Chef Edgardo Noel launches his new line of products for Puerto Rican cuisine

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SAN JUANAs part of the evolution of his professional career, the beloved Puerto Rican Chef Edgardo Noel presents his new Sofrito Chef Edgardo Noel, refrigerated, with or without seasoning, to bring a unique and fresh flavor to all the kitchens of the Island. Renowned for rescuing the culinary tradition learned from his grandmother, this different recipe of his authorship, responds to the taste of the traditional palate with the most modern culinary techniques.

“Sofrito is the base par excellence of our dishes”, explains the Chef who has 18 years of experience in the world of gastronomy. “It is a Creole seasoning that is used to obtain the flavor of natural vegetables and herbs that are combined to make it. We use essential ingredients from the local cuisine to guarantee the best flavor, such as cubanel peppers, onion, garlic, coriander, recao and chili peppers; oregano and cumin to spice up dishes. Everything tastes better with sofrito ”, says the author of the book“ La cocina del nieto ”.

Procuring the best quality ingredients was a priority in the development of the product. In the same way, obtain a thicker and more concentrated sauce to better enhance the flavor of the food. Chef Edgardo Noel put particular emphasis on its aroma and presentation. “The appearance, the smell and the color of the sauce is fundamental for the final result. We all know the importance that the aspect of the dishes we cook has taken on lately, ”says who worked in the Telemundo program Día a Día for 9 years, winning the hearts of all viewers. A refrigerated stir-fry also allows for greater durability and shelf life, maintaining its freshness for longer and allowing the consumer to maximize its use. Plus, it’s low in calories, 0% fat, 0% sugar, and is MSG free.

In Puerto Rico we all know that stews, soups, rice dishes and sauces, even the marinade of meats, are enhanced by using an excellent quality fresh sauce. Chef Edgardo Noel explains that stir-frying with these ingredients has been in recipe books in Europe for centuries. All food packaging worldwide uses a flavor base with its own characteristics.

One of the attributes of Sofrito Chef Edgardo Noel it is its ability to adapt to Italian, Mexican or Spanish cuisine, among others, in order to take advantage of its qualities. “We want to demonstrate the versatility of the product, in addition to encouraging young generations to enhance their meals with an excellent sauce,” said the young Camuyan who has more than 500,000 active followers on his social networks.

Fernández & Hnos., A leading distributor of consumer products in the food and beverage categories in the Puerto Rico market, is proud to bring this new range of condiments to the entire island. With a history of more than 130 years of service , sales, distribution and brand development, is undoubtedly a company that demonstrates its commitment to offering the best articles. Made in Puerto Rico, under strict quality standards, the Sofrito Chef Edgardo Noel, with or without seasoning, as well as the Ground Garlic Chef Edgardo Noel they are available in your favorite supermarket.

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