November 23, 2020

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Chinchorros defend themselves and ensure they comply with security measures

Business owners popularly known as chinchorros, as well as people linked to these popular establishments, regretted that the idea of ​​closing them is being considered, after months spent closing or working at a much slower rate, and that they would reopen countless adjustments to comply with the security recommendations to combat COVID-19.

Germán Ramos, who works with the website regretted that the guns were targeted against the chinchorros, "for blame it on people who don't follow the rules. ”

“ I've seen a lot of people out there, mayors who are blaming the merchant. But it is unfair to the merchant, "said Ramos. "On Sunday I visited six customer businesses and they were all following the rules, with the distance, the 'hand sanitizer', if you were going to drink they would dispatch you at the entrance but they wouldn't let you in. They were doing everything very well. "

He admitted, however, that" there was not much control outside. "

" The government is punishing the business for things that irresponsible people are doing. And the business owner may be following the guidelines, but outside, on the street, he has no control, "he condemned.

Countless videos and images have been seen on social networks with crowds out of control, without observing the measures. security against COVID-19, in many cases they have been associated with some chinchorreo businesses.

Ramos commented that “I am not promoting events right now. Just helping in advertising for food sales. But I am not promoting events to avoid problems. ”

“ I was a business in the west, and the owner was not allowing music customers to stay in the parking lot. I was doing very well. And it is the suggestion that I am giving to avoid problems, "he said.

Carlos Ortiz, from the La Taberna business in Naranjito, confirmed that they have been putting into practice all the recommendations, even on" the weekends when there is more crowding people are more difficult. "

" The measures we have taken have been strong. Here when someone arrives, you take the temperature, you disinfect, without a mask you do not enter. And they ask you if you are going to consume food at a table or drinks only. If you are going to drink I only look for the way that you do not stay at the bar and there are no people stuck. And I have little tables outside. If you are going to keep drinking, you go back to your car or to the parking lot. ”

He clarified, however, that in his establishment located on the PR-152 highway, he has plenty of green space and parking, something that gives him an advantage compared to other establishments that are more limited.

Alvin Villanueva Echevarría, from Brew Liquor and Food Stock, in Aguadilla, also expressed that they have made many adjustments to be able to survive and stay in business.

"We have done what they say . Everyone has done their part, "he said, adding that they have even been paying to have the protocols required by government agencies ready, while they have lost employees because they have left to benefit from unemployment benefits.

" My business does not promote any revolú or anything like that. Right now, what I have practically is come buy and take it. But there I have merchandise that I do not sell, liquor, cigarettes, bottles, other products, "Villanueva insisted.

" If there is a riot on the street, the police must attend to it. I do have control of the business. I lowered the tables, removed chairs, removed fridges so there was a distance between the tables. That I can control, and that (clients) have masks, and they clean their hands, "he insisted.

As for a possible closure, Román stated that it is something that" worries me a lot. "

“I have clients who survived those 90 days to the lung, and others who have been opening little by little. If there is a closure, it would be too much for many businesses, they could not endure another closure of several months. Many businesses had to keep paying rents, expenses, all of that. They could not survive, "he warned. "But the government and the people have to be smarter than going back to another closure. And the citizens have to do their part and cooperate, if we don't want to have an economic collapse. You have to avoid the crowd, buy and keep going. We have to get used to this. And look, it is not so bad if it is done well. "

Ortiz also believed that a closure" would be a strong song. "

" One already took some help there, which does not return, and the moratoriums are over. So it would be a ‘heavy’ song, ”he said. "It is unfair. And you can't blame the entire government, either. But I think that the police have their role, and if there is a business with crowded people, then go and intervene and the merchant cannot be bothered with that. Let the police do their job. Everyone has to comply. "

Villanueva agreed that with another closure," it would be a very good climb ", and warned that" three businesses have already closed on this road. "

" Now that one is taking a little air it would be Another low blow to business. Already with the simple fact of the mention (of a closure), because it is not an official announcement, people today (Tuesday) did not go out. It was saved and today the sale fell. Everyone is waiting to see what the governor says, "he said, adding that even the authorities should consider making a reduction in the renewals of patents and licenses" so that the local business can survive. "

Román added that, Regardless of what happens, you are seeing a trend to change the work system of businesses.

“What I am seeing is that many businesses are going to adopt a take-away system, without allowing people in the business. That is for the safety of the employees as well, "he added.

As for the possible businesses that may be violating the rules, everyone agrees" face the consequences ", whether it is a possible closure, or cancellation of licenses or both. “But let not the one who is doing it well be punished.”

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