November 23, 2020

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Church in Añasco closed due to positive case of Covid-19 | PRESENT

The Catacumba 5 church in the municipality of Añasco reported that a pastor tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19), so they decreed the closure of the church for two weeks while waiting for the results of tests that would be carried out. [19659002] “Yesterday we received the news that our Executive Pastor Johnny Beauchamp felt bad and went to La Concepción Hospital, where they certified that he was positive for Covid-19. He is currently in quarantine at home and is doing well, thank God, "explained Senior Executive Pastor Efraín Soto Torres in writing.

He added that, although he was not present at the service this Sunday, he did attend several meetings in the church during the week. "Although we don't know where it was spread, we decided to activate the established protocol," he added.

The ministry determined that everyone who was in contact with the pastor will be tested for Covid-19 today and will remain in quarantine for 14 days. All church employees will also be tested and quarantined.

In addition, services will be held only through Facebook and YouTube, Sundays at 10:00 am.

“Beloved, we want to be responsible and that is why we have taken these measures. We must set an example by complying with what is established by the government to care for and protect the health of our brothers and all those who visit us, "he concluded.

This is the first positive case of Covid-19 that is known in a church of the Country, since Governor Wanda Vázquez authorized its reopening in the midst of the emergency due to the virus since the end of May.

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