July 29, 2021

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CIC of UPR-Cayey reveals X-ray of access to computer and internet in Puerto Rico

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CAYEY – The Census Information Center (CIC) of the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey revealed on Thursday, its report entitled Minors who have access to computer and internet in Puerto Rico.

The study used as a source the estimates of the Survey on the Community of Puerto Rico for the period 2013-2019 prepared by the Census Bureau.

According to the document, in 2019 8.5 percent of minors in Puerto Rico did not have computers and 7.6 percent had computers without internet access. In total, 16.1 percent or 92,127 of minors in Puerto Rico did not have a computer or had a computer without internet.

“In order to represent the magnitude of this situation, if we suppose that all these students go to the public education system (which in total has about 300 thousand students), this would mean that about 30 percent of the students in the public education system Puerto Rico did not have a computer or they did not have internet, ”explained Dr. José Caraballo Cueto, director of the CIC in written communication.

The Report states that computer or internet availability is not homogeneous in Puerto Rico. For example, in the municipalities of Cabo Rojo, Las Marías, Lajas, Comerío and Maricao, more than half of the minors did not have a computer or did not have internet access. On the other hand, in Juncos, Canóvanas, Guaynabo, Carolina and Gurabo more than 86% of the minors did have a computer or internet access.

“This highlights the spatial disparity that Puerto Rico has with respect to technology,” said the researcher.

The Report establishes that the municipality with the greatest access is Gurabo. While Cabo Rojo was the town that registered the least access.

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