April 17, 2021

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Water cisterns and tanks are scarce

People who need to buy tanks and related equipment to face water rationing will have to be placed on waiting lists since the inventory available in stores has been sold out for several weeks.

Isaili Mariñez, owner of Tanagua in Bayamón , confirmed that since the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) began to talk about possible rationing due to the drought, consumers began to prepare.

“I have had to look for external suppliers because those in Puerto Rico cannot supply They are very limited and have a long waiting list. I have quadrupled sales. I am selling between 25 and 30 tanks a day that arrive to me in the shipments that I receive weekly. Imagine, the appointments of facilities are already for July, “he explained.

Mariñez assured that this time the sale is not only due to the drought, but also due to the preparation for the hurricane season, especially due to the experience after the Hurricane Maria, when there was a service interruption -practically- throughout Puerto Rico.

“I have been leaving for 9 months at 9:00 pm of business. Since the hurricane season was announced, people started buying tanks. As this year has been so run over, people are thinking that if a storm comes, that they take them prepared, “added Mariñez, but clarified that the situation accelerated in terms of sales with water rationing.

Panorama faces Solar & Water Solutions in Guaynabo, where there has been an increase in the type of customer looking for tanks to store drinking water in their home or business.

“Before the closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people I was warning for dry weather. Inventory has gone very fast and containers continue to arrive from the Dominican Republic. I have about 30 people who have separated cisterns and those who remain, when they arrive they leave the same day. Weekly we are selling like 50 units and solar heaters are also moving a lot. For us, regularly, this is a slow time for heat heaters, but now they are moving due to the cost of electricity and hurricane preparation, although tanks are selling more at the moment, “said Margarita Cruz, owner of Solar & Water Solutions.

The Maderas 3C Hardware Store has also experienced a boom due to the drought, and constantly receives clients at its facilities in San Juan in search of tanks.

“About two weeks ago they are selling a lot. Right now we only have two left. There are people waiting their turn, when they arrive they already have a name. We have over 40 people interested in tanks that we bring from a local factory and from the Dominican Republic. There are lines every day looking for the product, ”said Roberto Torres, manager of Ferretería Maderas 3C. He said that on average the tanks that are sold the most are those that cost between $ 275 and $ 500.

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