June 25, 2021

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Citizen Health Committee created to report on COVID-19

This group will have the multidisciplinary expertise of doctors, public health professionals, and other health matters

Photo: EFE / Thais Llorca

San Juan – In response to the vacuum created after the decision to dissolve the Medical Task Force, the Mentes Puertorriqueñas en Acción (MPA) organization facilitated the creation of the Citizen Health Committee (CCS), in order to provide citizens with information and recommendations using as base the most up-to-date data on COVID-19.

The committee will have the task of reporting on the data that is updated regarding the pandemic, and giving suggestions and recommendations to the public from a health point of view on what should or should not be done in response.

For this, social networks will be used in order to maintain direct and recurring communication.

The initiative will also include the transmission of conferences that will be held every two weeks in order to communicate to the public the data available so far, as reported Monday in written statements.

“We understand that the current situation warrants facilitating a space for citizen participation among health professionals to present data and pertinent information on a subject as important as COVID-19,” said Christian Arvelo Forteza, Vice President of MPA.

The CCS will be coordinated by the doctoral candidate in Immunology and Co-Director of the PRSPAN Scientific Public Policy Initiative Bianca Valdés.

This group will have the multidisciplinary expertise of doctors, public health professionals, and other health matters.

Members of the CCS include Dr. Emmanuelli Algarín; the data analyst and Scientific Advisor of COSACO PR Danilo Pérez; the ASSMCA quality evaluator, Regina Ortíz; to the expert in occupational health and safety, Dr. Marysel Pagán Santana; to the epidemiologist Dr. Melissa Marzán, and to Franklin Avilés, Executive Director of COSACO PR. Other experts from various disciplines will join this effort in the coming days.

Valdés expressed that the space will serve to educate citizens about COVID-19.

“From day one, each of us has advocated, from different spaces, for public policy decisions to be made that safeguard the health and safety of citizens. We are ready to inform Puerto Rico where we are in terms of COVID-19 and about recommendations to stop the infections. “

For his part, the Executive Director of MPA, Alejandro Silva, explained that although the organization facilitated the creation of the group, the CCS will have absolute discretion over their expressions and the way in which they want to organize.

“Our job is to encourage the participation of citizens, but they are the experts on health issues, so they will have independence at the programmatic level.”

Silva added that the group will be in communication with other citizen efforts that have arisen by groups and non-profit organizations to attend and make visible needs not attended by the medical and economic Task Forces of La Fortaleza.

The interventions of the CCS will be broadcast on the social networks of Minds Puertorriqueñas en Acción in:

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