May 12, 2021

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Citizen makes civil arrest to young man for stealing goats in Camuy

At dawn today, a citizen made a civil arrest after an unknown person tried to steal goats from his property.

The events occurred in the Barrio Puertos sector, Los Alameda de la Carretera 456 Km 3.1 in the town of Camuy .

According to the agent William Padín, from the District of the mentioned municipality, the citizen Joel Alameda Cordero made the civil arrest after surprising Dionel Alexis Rodríguez Mercado, 19 years old and resident. from the town of Camuy, illegally appropriating cattle (Alpine goats) on their property. It was indicated that the citizen's arrest arises after a struggle between the two and he was arrested.

It may interest you:

Rodríguez Mercado, was Transported to the CDT of Camuy, to be evaluated by Dr. Villanueva, License 11882 who diagnosed that he was in a stable condition and was taken to the cell of the Camuy District, and in the morning, the prosecutor on duty will be consulted for the possible filing of the corresponding charges.

A vehicle was also used for investigation Toyota Tercel, year 1993.

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