March 7, 2021

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Citizens asked to require Covid-19 test from family members before visiting the Island | Government and politics

The secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González, said in Normando in the Morning that a screening process has begun in the Airports of Ponce and Aguadilla and that an educational campaign is being developed for people who come to visit relatives to the island.

Apparent outbreak in Canóvanas and San Germán investigated

The Secretary of the Department of Health (DS), Lorenzo González Feliciano said that they are preparing to visit the municipality of Canóvanas after several cases of the coronavirus COVID were reported -19, while confirming that there is also a situation in San Germán that he said is controlled.

“We spoke with the mayor, Lornna Soto. Today (Monday) we will visit the town. The tests are done. The municipal movement has always been maintained, always led by the mayors, regional epidemiologists and the Central Office of Epidemiology. Everyone has been involved in that incident since Friday. We have spoken with the mayor and I think it is today that at some point we will visit there to guarantee that everything is fine. "said González Feliciano.

Meanwhile, the official indicated that the situation in San Germán, where they also reported several infected in the same family, it is controlled.

“The other scenario is that of San Germán that we have also had a good relationship with the mayor. It has been cordial and very positive. They have a municipal system that is obviously working very well. Apparently there are a few additional cases. They do not want to call it an outbreak but they are cases related to the same family. It is being investigated. I think that with the management of the municipality the mayor has control of the effort. We inserted ourselves with the regional (epidemiologists) and the central Department "said the head of the agency.

The most recent DS report indicates that seven cases were registered additional COVID-19 confirmed; so the total is 1,540. On the other hand, 19 additional probable cases were registered. In this line, the total was adjusted to 5,024, after adding 13 cases with a sample date of May 14 to June 4. Meanwhile, the death toll from the disease is 149.

“Puerto Rico has done well. Hopefully he continues to do well, and that is why we are in the situation today in which cases have remained relatively controlled. The positive cases are going to be increased because we see the exposure, we see people on the beach, young people take a little more risk recognizing that they are those with the least risk of needing hospitalization, possibly even showing symptoms. But they have been cautious. The numbers remain relatively stable "the secretary ended by urging not to let his guard down.

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