April 17, 2021

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Citizens prepare waiting for the lack of electric service

Many people took advantage of this afternoon, in the last hours before weather conditions worsened due to the near passage of the meteorological disturbance, to go to businesses, hardware stores, supermarkets and gas stations to shop and stock up on what is necessary to face at least one or two days of bad weather.

And, since the phenomenon would not be of the magnitude of a powerful hurricane, and what is anticipated is that it will leave mostly significant accumulations of rain and the occasional gust of wind somewhat Strong, the biggest concern of people randomly interviewed at a hardware store was the eventual loss of electrical service.

In fact, a significant part of those emergency purchases was related to that, since they were portable gas stoves, gas bottles for these types of stoves, containers for gasoline, gasoline for power plants, as well as batteries of various types.

“I bought this gas stove s in case the power goes out, or rather, when the power goes out. It is that of (that is) the light I take it for a fact, from tonight to who knows when. So I bought this stove and I also bought a portable battery radio, " said Mariano Hernández.

Mariano Hernández.
(Vanessa Serra Diaz)

“I already bought cans, and with this I can eat (pointing to the stove). And I'm going to see the gasoline, and if there is not a lot of queue, well add some gasoline too. And go through an ATH to get some cash, "added Hernández.

Primera Hora asked him why he was so certain in believing that the electricity service would be lost, and reiterated his statement.

" I just know the electricity is going out, "he insisted, adding that José Ortiz, executive director of the Electric Power Authority," did not believe any of the nonsense he said (about the massive blackout on Tuesday). Neither his own employees should trust him, if he says they are terrorists who sabotage his own facilities. That is the kind of person he is. ”

Young Miguel Santiago also expressed concern about losing electric service, which is why he was buying containers to transport and store“ gasoline for the (electric) plant and vehicles. ”

“With this we already have everything necessary to deal with the water, which comes a lot of water as they say. This would be the last. The rest is a matter of starting the plant and that, "said Santiago, adding that in the area of ​​San Juan where he lives," there are already voltage drops. "

Similarly, Jorge Negrón went to a hardware store to stock up on “Propane gas for the stove, just in case.”

Jorge Negrón.
(Vanessa Serra Diaz)

“It is in case the power goes out. The odds are pretty high that the power will go out. And this is the only thing we lacked. So we are 'ready', "said Negrón.

For her part, the young Elsie Suárez was going back to her house in Santurce with a recently purchased gas stove under her arm.

" I bought a gas stove because the one in the house is electric. I have the stove and a small water tank ready. And I already made a purchase last night and that. And here I have batteries, regulator (gas) and the stove because if not, not like, "he said. "I know the power is going out. At home, from which a droplet falls and the light goes out. After (the hurricane) Maria what they did was they glued those cables there. It wasn't that they fixed it. And if they say something else, then let them come to my house so that they can see how that ", claimed Suárez.

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