June 24, 2021

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Citizens who receive the PUA must register on the new platform | government

The secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH), Carlos Rivera Santiago, announced that claimants who receive their compensation from the PUA must register on the new platform to continue with their claims.

“Any claimant who has been receiving their PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) compensation must access the new platform we have designed and register. Once registered, they will start a validation process of the weeks already claimed, although the previous system migrated the information of the claimants, ”explained Rivera Santiago.

The head of the DTRH explained that “this validation process gives the claimant the opportunity to correct any information in the system.”

The new platform known as Fast PUA, is integrated into the Department of the Treasury, prevents fraud and shares tax information of the claimant.

In addition, registering can take about five minutes and you will receive all your notifications in one place and you will be able to know the result of your claim online in a short time.

“Citizens have the alternative of choosing their disbursement method, we recommend selecting direct deposit so that the compensation reaches their bank account between 24 and 72 hours,” he concluded. INS

To access the platform view; https://puapr.trabajo.pr.gov/_/

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