June 12, 2021

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Civil Rights Commission begins cycle of workshops on human rights

In the spirit of empowering students and teaching staff on human rights issues, the director of the Civil Rights Commission (CDC), Ever Padilla Ruiz, announced the beginning of a cycle of virtual workshops on human rights, bullying and the human rat , among other core issues.

As Padilla Ruiz explained, the first cycle of workshops will be available to schools in the public education system, it will be free of charge and will be offered through the Teams platform.

This first cycle will address the issue of bullying.

“Human rights belong to everyone and for everyone. We have to be more assertive educating in this matter because, due to the ignorance of many, the violations of rights that the country’s news media report daily occur. A people badly claims the rights they do not know, ”insisted the public official after noting that education on human rights should begin at an early age, since the younger they begin to educate themselves, the greater the guarantee a people will have of having responsible and more respectful citizens .

The first bullying courses are scheduled to be held on January 22, 27 and 29, as well as February 4 from 9:00 in the morning. Each workshop lasts two hours.

“We will begin the cycle of workshops on Human Trafficking with the Inés María Mendoza and Antonio Acarón Correa High Schools, both in Cabo Rojo. These schools had already participated in other workshops offered by the Commission, but in person. Now they will continue to educate their enrollment as dictated by the new reality adopted by the COVID-19 pandemic, in a virtual way “, stressed the also graduate when urging the school counselors of public schools to enroll their students in times where respect It should be a priority issue.

He stressed that when designing each of the workshops, the objective and the particular focus according to the group was taken into account. It will help teachers in identifying situations and students in preventing them.

The Civil Rights Commission hopes that by the end of February, at least 50 public schools of higher level will have been impacted by this initiative. Workshops on human trafficking will begin on February 1.

To enroll students, the school counselor should contact us at (787) 764-8686 or by writing to [email protected].

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