June 14, 2021

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Civil Rights Commission engages young people in specific human rights issues

SAN JUAN – Human trafficking, death penalty and functional diversity were the issues discussed on Thursday by the director of the Civil Rights Commission, Ever Padilla Ruiz, with a group of young people who during the month of June spent several hours at the agency as a project of summer.

“We want that in addition to young people having their work experience, they are educated on specific issues such as human trafficking, death penalty and functional diversity so that they develop the tools, from an early age, that allow them to turn every situation in their life into a opportunity, regardless of the circumstances, ”Padilla Ruiz underlined in written communication.

As the official explained, the issues presented are discussed every day in the media, so it is urgent that young people insert themselves with knowledge so that they can contribute actively and positively to the aspiration of a transformed Puerto Rico.

“Without a doubt, these young people, in a single month, finish the project with another vision. In addition to operational experience, they have great knowledge ”, concluded the Director of the public body.

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