April 14, 2021

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Claimants will be able to see the reason for controversial points in the system | government

The secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources, Carlos J. Rivera Santiago, reported that from today the claimant will be able to identify the reason for his controversial point so that he can submit the corresponding information through the "uploader" available on the platform of the Department.

"From today, any person who has a controversial point in their claim for unemployment insurance or PUA, will be able to access the platform and identify the document they need to submit," said Rivera Santiago.

Regarding the points controversial, the head of the agency stated that "controversial points are indicators in a claim that warn of revisions or errors in the form, they warn of areas that must be reviewed in the prevention of undue payments and overpayments. Some of these arise as part of the initial unemployment claim for resignations, layoffs or vacation payments. The others warn of errors in subsequent claims by the claimant. The resolution of resignation and dismissal cases require employer information and the others require an interview with the claimant. They are matters that require investigation or validation by state and / or federal regulation in the claimant's application. ''

Unemployment insurance is paid in full by an insured employer. Currently, the DTRH reported that 75% of the claims are being collected, 13% do not qualify for compensation, 10% have controversial points, and 2% are in the process of receiving their payment.

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