March 4, 2021

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Classes will start remotely on August 17

The secretary of the Department of Education (DE), Eligio Hernández announced today that classes will begin on August 17, but will be remote, using technological tools.

It would not be until September 17, if conditions they allow it, that the face-to-face classes could begin.

As detailed by the secretary, by September 17, face-to-face classes could begin in hybrid learning modalities. It could also be the case that some municipalities or areas could start face-to-face classes first than others. He clarified that any of these alternatives would be subject to the conditions of the development of the pandemic.

On the other hand, it was reported that the teachers would begin to report remotely on August 3, through the DE's cyber tools. . From August 11 to 14 they would go to work in person at the schools.

Likewise, it was announced that the private system schools would also start their classes remotely, until it is possible to do it in person.

Hernández exhorted parents and guardians of students to collaborate with these plans in order to ensure the education of students, and maintain close communication with their respective schools to be aware of everything they need to know and do.

Likewise, He made an emotional call to the entire population to follow the recommended sanitation measures to combat the dangerous COVID-19.

However, Hernández said that he had no answers to the question of how those families in which parents have to go would do. to work, and those children would be left alone in the house. He limited himself to saying that these were difficult times, that they required sacrifices, and that follow-up meetings would be held in order to attend to these situations.

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