November 28, 2020

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Cleaning begins in the sewer area of ​​the Amelia neighborhood in Guaynabo

The mayor of the Municipality of Guaynabo, Ángel Pérez Otero announced today that the Municipal Office of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration will begin today flood mitigation work in some areas of Amelia.

“This mitigation effort is a safety issue for these families. Every time it rains, this area floods, causing damage to the residences and belongings of the residents, ”said Pérez Otero.

He explained that “the accumulation of garbage and vegetation in the area of ​​the pipe does not allow the water to flow, causing flooding in the streets of Delicia, Juancho López and Martínez Nadal. At the same time, it disables access to other areas of Amelia ”.

The municipality of Guaynabo, obtained a provisional permit from the Department of Natural Resources (DRNA) to enter the pipe and clean the mangrove area.

“This is a frequent problem in the rainy season. We want to reassure these families that access to their residences will not be affected every time it rains heavily in this area ”.

The mayor met with several residents and explained the scope of the mitigation work.

“Our floodplain mitigation efforts have paid off in this hurricane season. In this sector we needed permission to have access, clean the pipe and deal with this problem efficiently. I thank our Emergency Management staff for identifying solutions and working to give these families security and peace of mind ”, he concluded.

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