August 1, 2021

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Clients even climb trees to hide from the authorities for violating an executive order in Hatillo

He Department of Health found people hiding, climbing in trees and among plants after the agency intervened in a business in Hatillo that he was violating the executive order for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

As indicated Jesús Hernández, director of the Office of Health Research, the events occurred in El Escondite / Atlantic Colmado.

When we arrived at that establishment, the owner closed the door suddenly. When we were finally allowed in to questions from the Investigations office staff They indicate that there were no customers, only the owner and his wife who were cleaning the premises. As we passed we found several people hiding in the establishment and some hiding among bushes, even a knight was found climbing a tree hiding. These people were putting their lives at risk, without taking preventive measures and violating the country’s rules. That is unfortunate, because it is the population that is being affected and is dying from COVID-19, ”the official said in an interview with NotiUno.

This operation went hand in hand with the State Police of the Hatillo area and those who fined consumers for violating the curfew, while the business was ordered to close since it does not have the permission to sell food.

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