January 20, 2021

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Close the new executive order for Covid-19, anticipates the governor | government

Governor Wanda Vázquez would announce between tonight and tomorrow the possible changes to the executive order due to the situation of the Covid-19, although she warned that the government is focused on the response to the emergency due to storm Isaías.

"It is important that our people know that we are handling emergencies with the priority that each one requires. The executive order related to Covid-19 expires on July 31, so we are waiting," he said.

Likewise, the first executive indicated that the 'Medical Task Force' and the 'Economic Task Force'- created under the coronavirus emergency- have already met. "We have the recommendations, but I believe that the need of the people of Puerto Rico is to work now with this emergency. We will be communicating to our people what the decision of the executive order is if it is not overnight early tomorrow so that we can work with the emergency that is pressing for the floods, "he explained.

The Health Department report reported three deaths from Covid-19; meanwhile, 218 confirmed cases and 298 additional probable cases were registered. Thus, 214 total deaths and 16,572 confirmed and probable cases since the pandemic began on the Island.

Meanwhile, the agency reported in its ‘dashboard’ 504 hospitalized by the virus.

Of the 504 people hospitalized, there are 63 intensive and 40 ventilator patients. No pediatric patient is hospitalized for the virus.

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