June 12, 2021

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Club Zonta de Caguas cries out for forceful actions against gender violence

The group urged the government to declare a State of Emergency, integrate civil society and create a special aid package for victims during the pandemic

photo: Cybernews

CAGUAS – The Zonta de Caguas Club expressed its alarm and dismay at the growing wave of femicides during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maritza Torres, president of the Zonta de Caguas Club pointed out that “Today more than ever, in the context of a country that has to rethink the social dynamics that hide and allow violence against women, it is necessary for the government and civil society to work hand in hand to protect and empower women. We have to accept the challenge of solidarity, not only women’s organizations, but all institutions. We cannot remain indifferent as a society. Civil society wants to be part of the solutions and we are willing to collaborate with government initiatives ”.

For her part, Nina Valedón, President of the Club’s Public Policy Committee, stressed that it is necessary to officially declare a State of Emergency on Gender Violence, and that resources be allocated to educate the general public to modify cultural patterns that perpetuate the micro aggressions, discrimination and violence against women.

Torres added that “The pandemic has particularly affected women who were already in situations of economic vulnerability and violence. This can force many victims not to report the abuse they are experiencing. It is necessary that between the municipalities, the Legislature and the Executive can design a package of special aid for these cases. “

Valedón ended by saying that “It is not a matter of continuing to work on women’s issues as an isolated issue, but rather that we begin to consider how each situation or initiative affects women. The Creole economic stimulus package could well contain a special aid package such as the one we propose ”.

The Zonta Club de Caguas is part of Zonta International. Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women around the world through service and awareness. Zonta International fights for a world where no woman lives in fear of violence and where we can all reach our full potential.

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