May 15, 2021

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Coast Guard ends search for possible survivors of shipwreck in the Mona Channel

SAN JUAN – The Coast Guard ended the search for possible survivors of the wreck of a boat with immigrants in the Mona Channel on Saturday night.

Twelve immigrants remain missing after the search work was completed without that signs of people or remains of the boat in which the immigrants were found were found, the Coast Guard reported in written statements.

A survivor, a Dominican national, who was rescued on Wednesday night in the Mona Channel said that 12 people were traveling with him.

The boat, which left the Dominican Republic en route to Puerto Rico, sank after it began to flood.

Since Wednesday, the Coast Guard has conducted 17 air missions and eight navies, covering some 7,117 nautical square miles, in the area where the only survivor was found. The 7,117 miles is approximately twice the size of Puerto Rico.

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