June 13, 2021

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Coca Cola truckers in Cayey go to unemployment

Truckers from the Coca Cola factory in Cayey went on strike after denouncing “anti-worker attitudes” with dozens of parents.

“Coca Cola has a family media campaign, but treats those of us who move its merchandise in all the towns of Puerto Rico as enemies. They have violated the dialogues and without agreement they have imposed their position “, indicated in written statements Jesus maldonado, one of the spokespersons.

For its part, Andres Diaz He stated that some of the truckers have been delivering the company’s products for “many years” and considered it a “lack of respect” that the employer “does not want to listen and reach a fair agreement for both parties.”

“It’s not a pretty Christmas for the families of Coca Cola truckers,” he said.

It also requested that the public support them in their claims.

“The income that we bring to our homes is decreasing, Coca Cola continues to make millions in this pandemic, we are not asking for heaven, we ask for fair pay to lift this sacrificial strike in the middle of Christmas,” said Díaz.

“This employer who controls 90% of the coffee in Puerto Rico, has lowered the commissions of this product by 80% percent, in the middle of the pandemic and Christmas time, when in fact they could give us a better increase, since they have a monopoly of the product. They are fools “added Marionel lopez, another of the spokesmen.

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