July 29, 2021

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CODEPOLA says no to abuse against women

It will take a personal defense workshop ¡Basta Ya! to all municipalities

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Puerto Rico – In an effort to prevent adolescent and adult women from being victims of kidnapping, stalking, assaults, cases of domestic violence and attempted robberies, the first round of self-defense workshops began today. Enough already! offered by instructor Enrique Cárdenas at the CODEPOLA Training Center in Trujillo Alto.

Ariel Torres Meléndez, president of the Corporation for the Defense of the Weapons License Holder of Puerto Rico (CODEPOLA), expressed satisfaction “at seeing how the 60 participating ladies -in two sessions- they projected themselves empowered while learning, step by step, the various lethal and non-lethal self-defense tools to fight for their lives in whatever circumstance they face ”.

This self defense workshop allowed women to learn easy and effective techniques to avoid, confront, dominate and / or escape from an attacker; to how to avoid being paralyzed by fear and end up being one more statistic of crime due to gender violence.

The next workshop-training Enough Already! women only and free of charge will be held on Saturday, November 7 at the CODEPOLA Training Center in Trujillo Alto, on November 14 we will arrive at the Ángel L. “Cholo” Espada court in Salinas, on December 12 we will be at the Emilio E. Huyke Coliseum in Humacao, on December 19 at La Sultana Community Center in Mayaguez and we will continue to complete the 78 towns on the island. Municipalities interested in coordinating a date can contact (787) 392-8061.

Adan Rosas, vice president of CODEPOLA and shooting instructor who offers the course on the use and handling of weapons, collaborated in the demonstration of how to carry and use a firearm.

Although some of the attendees have a weapons license and a valid carrying permit, they agreed that “it is necessary to learn all kinds of strategies to defend ourselves, while safeguarding the lives of our children” the day they do not carry the weapon with them .

As in other workshops that we have organized at CODEPOLA, he was taught various techniques such as, for example, what to do when they are pointing a gun at his back, and according to instructor Enrique Cárdenas, “they are not only learning techniques of personal defense. They have to think of techniques that disable, that produce forceful injuries against the aggressor so that he cannot continue to harm them and save his life.

Torres Meléndez said that “specialists have taught us that, some of the benefits that these self-defense courses provide is body recognition, the development and power of physical abilities and the reappropriation of the body through movement ”.

TOnte situations that arise in the street: knife attacks, threats, neck and hair grabs, on the floor, Torres Meléndez concluded that in the workshop “the issue of nerves and how to control them is worked on, because at that moment the women freeze, they remain rigid, and people all act differently: some do not get their voice, others are completely frozen, others run, some scream, so we show them techniques to face any moment ”.

The Corporation for the Defense of the Holder of Arms Licenses of Puerto Rico (CODEPOLA) has an enrollment of over 10,000 members and is dedicated to defending the citizen who legitimately has a weapons license. The law is seen as a privilege and it was necessary to have a legal service with lawyers specialized in the Puerto Rico Arms Law (Law 168-2019) or any prospective law that relates to the legitimate possession of firearms in the country. For more information, can access the page https://www.facebook.com/codepola, to call to (787) 506-8311 or visit the offices in Trujillo Alto.

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