January 24, 2021

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Colegio San Ignacio talks about fraud fraud among its students

Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola. – supplied

They assure that they will be cooperating with the authorities although they have not been notified of any crime committed by their students

By Metro Puerto Rico

College Saint Ignatius of Loyola. – supplied

The administration of Colegio San Ignacio, located in San Juan, assured today, Tuesday, that they were not aware of an alleged investigation against some of their students about alleged fraud against the PUA.

Through written expressions, they maintained that: "we came to know of serious allegations about the alleged actions of some students of the College. This type of action, if it has merit, is unacceptable and is at odds with the values moral and ethical that we live and instill in our students. "

They added that this school has" zero tolerance for the commission of any crime and, if the allegations are true, the most serious disciplinary sanctions will be taken ".

" So far, we have not received any request for information from law and order authorities, however the College will be proactive and cooperate with c Any investigation to clarify this matter, complying with the due process of law. "

They also called for caution" so that the corresponding investigations are carried out. "

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