May 14, 2021

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College of Physicians would propose to return to the original restrictions against the coronavirus

The persistent member of College of Surgeons of Puerto Rico Dr. Víctor Ramos, said hgoy that this entity is preparing to propose something very similar to the restrictions of the first call phase before the increase in cases of COVID-19 in Puerto Rico.

30 doctors have contracted COVID-19

On Radio Isla, Ramos recalled that under this model, which began in March when the first cases of coronavirus arrived in Puerto Rico, only supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations and restaurants would be open but in the "carry out" mode. The current executive order is in force until August 15.

What the most recent executive order says

“We have not defined the points yet but we are going to recommend something quite similar to the first phase . We are fine-tuning details ", said Ramos in the radio interview.

Puerto Rico today exceeded the figure of 10,000 confirmed COVID-19 infections, and every day the Department of Health reports hundreds of new cases of sick people, and on a day like today, 8 deaths were added.

Given this scenario, the pediatrician Ramos indicated that he would not recommend a return to school for children next September, as the Department of Education has projected.

97,000 children infected in two weeks in the United States

"Children are there to play, interact and be happy, not to be locked up, so for us it is difficult to recommend that, but there is no other possible recommendation," said Ramos .

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