May 13, 2021

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College of Veterinary Doctors offers workshops for children during Planet Month

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Puerto Rico – As part of its Humanitarian Education program, whose objective was to promote empathy and respect for all forms of life and the environment, the College of Veterinary Doctors of Puerto Rico (CMVPR), will carry out a series of virtual events related to the celebration of the Month of the Planet.

On Monday, April 19 there will be the Toy Workshop for dogs with reused materials at 4:00 pm, and at 5:30 pm there will be the talk: The Human Impact on the Environment and Wild Animals. While on Tuesday, 20 at 4:00 pm there will be a workshop on Toys for cats with reused materials and a talk on Food and Climate Change at 5:30 pm On Wednesday, April 21 they will have the interactive talk: Las 3 R’s at 4:30 pm and a reusable bag workshop with meaningful shirts and pins at 5:30 pm

“The environment and the health of both humans and animals are closely related. That is why it is so important to conserve the environment to have a more sustainable world. Today, more than ever, protecting the planet is synonymous with protecting our health, “said Dr. Ricardo Fernández, president of the CMVPR.

The events for children from the age of five and will be in charge of Adora Negrón, CHES (Certified Humane Educator Specialist), a humanitarian educator certified by the Academy of Prosocial Learning. For more information, you can access or the page of the College of Veterinary Physicians on, where the activities will also be published.

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