July 24, 2021

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Commissioner brings coronavirus screening tests to SJ residential

The resident commissioner, Jenniffer González Colón, along with the president of the Health Commission of the House of Representatives, Juan Oscar Morales, took the coronavirus detection tests to the residents of Residencial San Martín in San Juan as an initiative to make them more accessible and to detect outbreaks of contagion on the island .

“Identifying coronavirus infections to be able to provide rapid attention to the patient and prevent further infections from emerging is vital to be able to stop this pandemic. Under various laws that we work in Congress, these tests can be administered free of cost to the patient and thus advance against this virus, "said González Colón in writing.

" I thank the resident commissioner, Jenniffer González, for her willingness. and commitment to our communities. We will continue with the efforts to achieve the allocation of federal funds directed to be able to attend to different situations with the infrastructure of bridges and highways in District 3 of San Juan, for the benefit of the people, as is the case of the residents of Antigua Vía and surrounding areas. Likewise, as it has managed to allocate more funds to guarantee health services to all Puerto Ricans, as occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, "said representative Morales.

The commissioner and representative coordinated with the College of Nursing Professionals of Puerto Rico, the organization that administers the tests, and Mora Housing Management Inc., the administrator, to provide residents of Residencial San Martín in San Juan free access to these tests. [19659002] The activity was attended by the senators of the San Juan district, Miguel Romero and Henry Newman and the representative by accumulation Néstor Alonso.

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