April 13, 2021

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Commissioners do not rule out appealing federal decision on early voting

The electoral commissioners of the political parties will meet today to discuss the possibility of appealing a federal determination that last Friday forces them to extend 10 additional days the registration of early voting for people over 60 years old, as he learned Meter.

Last Friday, the judge Pedro Delgado decided to extend the term so that People aged 60 or over can request early voting until September 24. Originally, these people had until today September 14. The judge determined that the measure seeks to protect this sector of the citizenry from contracting Covid-19 by preventing them from going to the voting centers on November 3. However, the judge’s determination raised concern among commissioners about the tight electoral calendar ahead of the November 3 event.

The concern arises because commissioners would have until the 26th to submit the early voting record, leaving them only two days to submit those remaining 60 years or older.

Today’s meeting would discuss the possibility of appealing Judge Delgado’s decision, although the appeal process could also be complicated.

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