March 4, 2021

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Community impact project will begin in Barrio Segundo de Ponce

This project will have the collaboration of public and private agencies

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PONCE Reaffirming the commitment to the development of the communities, the mayor of the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce (MAP), María E. Meléndez Altieri announced the community impact project “Ritmo, Lines y Patrones” in the Second Quarter of the Señorial City, which will impact the areas that include from the Tricoche Hospital, the Bértoly Street, the San Juan Street, the Paseo de La Cruceta and the Unión Street.

This project aims to beautify houses, creatively renovate community and public spaces and improve the decoration of the area.

“With this we also seek to make this neighborhood another tourist attraction of our town by creating a route with the history of our city. When the COVID19 pandemic passes, the Ponceños and Ponceñas and all the people who visit us will have one more place to walk with their families, ”explained Meléndez Altieri.

These works were planned to begin in early 2020, but the earthquakes that began in January and later the COVID19 pandemic delayed the processes.

“This project is good news, since it aims to stimulate the identity of this community and they will be participants in this renewal. Painting work, tree trimming in the spaces of our Municipality, cleaning of debris and identification of public nuisances will be done to improve their condition. We have established the importance of our communities and the alliances for economic, tourist, social, cultural development and the reconstruction of our Stately City ”, mentioned the Mayor.

The project will be carried out with the collaboration and sponsorship of Master Paints, the Serrallés Castle Board of Trustees, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, Plaza del Caribe, Expresiones Perdidas and the entire Community of Barrio Segundo.

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