June 11, 2021

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Community pharmacies ready to collaborate in the vaccination of aegids and people over 65

There are about 850 community pharmacies in Puerto Rico

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San Juan – The executive director of the Community Pharmacy Association, Linda Ayala, said on Tuesday that community pharmacies are ready to immunize against COVID-19, but they are not receiving the necessary vaccines.

“Within the Phase 1B vaccination plan, in which more than a hundred community pharmacies would participate to inoculate patients 65 years of age or older, only 3,550 doses have reached 24 community pharmacies. Right now the doses ran out since they inoculated between January 12 and 21. We have extensive lists of patients who have made their appointment for inoculation. Pharmacies have invested in training and equipment to be able to comply with and support efforts to control this pandemic, “said Ayala.

The executive indicated that community pharmacies have been made available to both the Department of Health (DS) and the National Guard, to immunize the 178 aegis throughout the country that pharmacy chains have not been able to serve.

“We can work those 10,000 people over 65 quickly. We are ready and trained for this task. We reiterate our claim that they include us and provide us with the necessary vaccines to complete the first and second doses, ”said Ayala.

Some 24 pharmacies began to inoculate their patients since last week and in the coming weeks, it is assumed that over 100 community pharmacies will be incorporated, which have already completed the contracting process with the CDC and certification with Health to join this effort. .

“We have been preparing ourselves and our pharmacies, pharmacists and pharmacists are ready to contribute to immunizing the population according to the different programmed phases. It is important that they take us into account in all aspects ”, Ayala requested.

Community pharmacies have extensive experience inoculating patients against different conditions, particularly influenza, and patients are used to using their inoculation services.

Additionally, several community pharmacies are certified under the federal Vaccines for Adults and Vaccines for Children program, and some are vaccine collection centers.

Pharmacists were included in Phase 1A as health professionals. There are about 850 community pharmacies in the country in the 78 municipalities of the country.

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