June 12, 2021

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Community pharmacies will enter the next stage of vaccination against Covid-19 | Present

The government will incorporate community pharmacies in stage 1B of vaccination, which includes those over 65, the executive director of the Community Pharmacy Association, Linda Ayala, announced today.

“Community pharmacies are scheduled to participate in the vaccination process in Phase 1B that are expected to receive vaccines between the second to the third week of January 2021,” said Ayala.

He explained that “we are ready to collaborate in the vaccination process to ensure that pharmacy personnel as well as people over 65 can be vaccinated.”

“Community pharmacies have the advantage that they are located throughout the island, so we can contribute to compliance with the proposed vaccination schedule. The community pharmacies are ready, ”Ayala reiterated.

Over 150 community pharmacies signed the contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States, so they will only need the Puerto Rico Department of Health to provide them with the vaccines.

He revealed that the pharmacies that signed the contract have already participated in training on how to maintain the cold chain of the vaccine and the protocol to inoculate their patients, so they are prepared and trained to carry out this effort.

“Dr. Iris Cardona, who has led these efforts for the Department of Health, has been a facilitator for the incorporation of community pharmacies in the administration of vaccines against Covid as soon as possible. She understands we are health professionals who can contribute to make this initiative successful. We have experience with other vaccination campaigns such as influenza, “argued Ayala.

The executive pointed out that it is important for people to be aware that where they receive their first dose is where they will receive the second dose of the vaccine.

“The governor-elect Pedro Pierluisi and the designated Secretary of Health, Carlos Mellado, included the Association of Community Pharmacies in the Scientific Committee to attend to the emergency. We are confident that we will continue to count on your support to allow pharmacies to be part of the solution, “Ayala said, recalling that there are about 850 community pharmacies in the country.

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