May 14, 2021

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Concerned in Combat by the constant floods

Cabo Rojo. In the midst of waiting for the announced rains related to the passage of Storm Laura, residents and merchants of the town of Combate expressed concern about the constant flooding that affects their houses and businesses.

The lack of a drainage system has affected the commercial development in the area, as denounced by Ángel Luis Marrero, owner of the Luichys inn.

But, in addition, it represents a threat to the structures found there, especially when there are episodes of constant rain, such as the one that Saturday was approaching.

“We merchants in Combate are facing a serious problem and this is years. First of all, there are no sewers on our roads and the water has nowhere to go. So when we have a rain problem, look at what is happening. I say: 'Venice in Combat was activated' ", he commented while observing how the water level rose in front of his establishment.

Marrero, who owns, in addition to other premises in the area that are rented, said he invested in a water pump. extraction of water to free the entrance of their establishment.

“I even had to make a sidewalk so that when people walk they don't have to get into the water because it rises as a foot. As the beach is higher, the water gets here (his business) because he has nowhere to go ”, he lamented.

Indeed, despite the fact that until mid-Saturday afternoon very little Rain had been registered in the area of ​​Cabo Rojo, and one of the main streets of the town was beginning to fill with water, which made it impossible for some cars to cross pedestrians.

The rain was expected to intensify in the afternoon and evening, which would aggravate the situation.

For his part, Gilberto Lamboy, who owns a residence in the town, assured that the problem of Flooding in Combate is so serious that at times two to three feet of water can accumulate and he attributed it to natural decline, because the town is located in the lower part of the area.

“This empties into the sea because it is going down, but it is still a problem because they are areas where many businesses lose sales. I believe that this area is in oblivion. Sincerely, these merchants must be helped ", said Lamboy, who is a native of Bayamón, but has spent years in

" The water that comes from all parts of the mountain floods practically all the roads … Here you have a an area that was practically flooded and it has hardly rained today. ”

Marrero identified other problems in the community that have affected trade, such as the lack of trash cans and toilets for tourists. However, the main concern is the accumulation of water in front of businesses and residences.

He said that there is an Association of Combat Merchants that have knocked on several doors in search of solving their problems, but have not yet managed to solve it

“The most pressing thing for us is that we have a serious problem with the sewers. We really need this situation resolved for us. Every time we have a rainy situation like this, we come across this situation. Water practically blocks our businesses, "Marrero insisted.

" For us it is very unfortunate that we have a tourist area like Combate and there are no sewers, "he stated.

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