April 14, 2021

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Conditions for an audit of public debt are detailed | Present

Representatives of the Citizen Commission for the Comprehensive Audit of Public Credit announced on Thursday what they understand must be the conditions with which any audit that intends to be carried out on the public debt of Puerto Rico must comply.

“Given the number of measures filed to audit the debt, we have decided to present five principles that every effort to audit the country’s debt must satisfy,” said university professor José González Taboada. “Its preparation is the result of the experiences of those of us who participated in the old public commission, created in 2017, together with the reflection of those who currently make up the Citizen Commission.”

Although the group recognizes as positive the legislative actions that have been presented to date – House Resolution no. 63, House Bill No. 457 and Senate Bill No. 159– considers that for any of them to be successful and have the credibility demanded by citizens, it must contain and assume some “basic principles”.

“Without a doubt this (the presentation of the legislative measures) has been the result of the struggle of an entire people and the different organized sectors that have been working on this claim for years. However, we understand that the audit of the debt that the island needs must contain the basic principles that we are presenting, ”said union leader Roberto Pagán.

The five proposed characteristics presented by the Citizen Commission are: 1) that the audit is comprehensive, 2) that the appointment of the members of the auditing body is through a participatory process and they have independence of criteria, 3) that the auditing body receives financial resources adequate, 4) that it has sufficient investigative powers, and 5) that its processes are transparent and access to information is guaranteed.

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