May 14, 2021

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Confirm another coronavirus death in an elderly center

The Department of the Family confirmed today another death by coronavirus in a nursing home.

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First Hour inquired since about noon yesterday about the case of Elsa Méndez 87 years old, after his daughter Vivian Bermúdez assured by telephone interview that the death of the woman, who was residing in the El Quijote center for the elderly, in Bayamón, was by COVID-19.

“In the home there were 2 infected people, of private registration, one of them died in the hospital. The protocol of the Department of Health to report these cases is continued. The Eldelry TaskForce remains alert in other homes that may be under surveillance by the Department of Health, "Llelidza Santiago, director of licensing of the DF, reported just over 24 hours after the request for information, this by means of written statements.

Family did not elaborate on the other person's condition with coronavirus. It was indicated that the Health Department could be informed in this regard.

Primera Hora tried to get a reaction from the home, but the efforts in the past two days were unsuccessful.

The other deaths due to coronavirus associated with a nursing homes were reported in Carolina however cases of this virus have also been reported in a home in Vega Baja .

The daughter of the deceased woman said that the death of her mother It was sudden, and that from being at home with a cough, she was transferred to a hospital as symptoms worsened. "She gave a positive test that was done at home on August 1, mom died on August 2 at 8 o'clock at night in the regional hospital in Bayamón," said Vivian, 59, a California resident. [19659006] He said that his mother Elsa Méndez was a native of Lares but a resident of Bayamón for the past 30 years and a widow of former military officer Perfecto Bermúdez. She is survived by three daughters, 8 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.

She added that the body would be cremated and eventually her ashes deposited with the remains of her husband in the National Cemetery. The family would have a virtual life celebration, said the woman.

“He was an incredible being, an angel who had that mixture of caring and always helping people, serving others, but at the same time that character of being very strong and determined. At the same time a sarcastic and very funny sense of humor. Well-known in the community, it was the lady who helped the neighbors, who was there, if someone was in the hospital she was the one who went. And that, even when one was 40 years old, 50 years old, "he told one to do," said Bermúdez Méndez.

Doubts with the information process

Bermúdez Méndez said that in this At the moment, she is concerned about the process of disclosing positive cases of coronavirus in homes because the information she has is that relatives of other residents in the home never found out about her mother's positive. The woman stated that it is not clear whether or not households should inform relatives of people in one of those long-term care places when there is a positive disease.

"The most important thing is to know if they followed all the protocols, why didn't they inform patients and family members? ”said Bermúdez Méndez. "All the elderly there are as important as my mother was," he indicated.

These protocols could not be immediately clarified with Family or Health.

The coronavirus has hit hard in the island to the elderly. A First Hour evaluation of the fatalities reported by Health to date points out that 75% of the fatal victims of COVID-19 were people 60 years of age or older.

What is known of the deaths due to coronavirus in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, visits by relatives of the elderly centers are prohibited in executive orders approved since March to control the pandemic.

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