July 29, 2021

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Congressman Darren Soto endorses Miguel Romero to the mayor of San Juan

Photo: CyberNews

SAN JUAN – The Democratic congressman of Puerto Rican origin from the state of Florida, Darren Soto, endorsed this Sunday the senator and candidate for mayor of San Juan for the New Progressive Party (PNP), Miguel Romero, through a video on social networks.

Soto, who hosted Senator Romero in Washington to identify more funds that would benefit San Juan communities, attributed his endorsement to “Romero’s demonstrated leadership and commitment to his constituents.”

“This endorsement translates into recognition of the work we have done on behalf of the San Juan people. From the Senate, I have dedicated myself to ensuring the well-being and development of the communities I represent and Congressman Soto is a witness to this delivery. I appreciate every show of support I receive and I reiterate my commitment to the Capital City, ”Romero said in written statements.

Two weeks before the general elections, Romero recalled that his priorities are based on rescuing San Juan from the neglect and deterioration that it has undergone for the past eight years.

“Unfortunately, the city is destroyed and with countless problems that put the safety and well-being of citizens at risk. As I have mentioned on several occasions, once I am sworn in as the new mayor of San Juan, my efforts will be directed to carry out massive cleaning operations to bring the Capital up to date, ”explained the senator.

Similarly, he expressed that parallel to these operations, “we will be doing other works aimed at restoring the city with lighting projects, sidewalk repairs, storm pipes, efforts to reactivate the economy, among others.”

“We are convinced that the communities yearn for a leader who watches over the interests of all without distinction of parties. In me they will have a mayor who will ensure the well-being, security, economic development and administration of the municipality without improvisation and without the political protagonists that have done us so much damage ”, Romero concluded.

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