April 11, 2021

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Consider returning to tighter closure | government

The National Guard's adjutant general, José Reyes, did not rule out the possibility of a more restrictive closure being imposed again to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Cases have continued to rise, and today the Health Department reported eight additional deaths.

Reyes participates in a meeting in La Fortaleza with Governor Wanda Vázquez, which seeks to address the increase in positive cases. Upon arrival, he was asked if it is an option to return to a more restrictive closure, to which he replied that “we must be more strict in observing this order and that is on the table. The Police are presenting a work plan on how they will exercise this order and be more rigorous. ”

This meeting was reportedly with federal and state officials and it is expected that tomorrow they will meet with the members of the medical advisory group. .

Reyes reiterated that the inventory of reagents to carry out the tests is limited and, therefore, the tests should be restricted to those who need them.

“Inventories of rapid and molecular tests are limited. We have to focus on critical groups such as the elderly and first responders, "he said. “We have observed the situations in the tourist area, with tourists disobeying the order. We have been meeting and we have given the recommendations. ”

He reiterated that the option of restricting the curfew“ is one of the alternatives that has been worked on. There has been discussion of closing the airport, but that is in federal jurisdiction and is a prerogative of the President (of the United States, Donald Trump). The FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) was asked to reduce flights from the "hot spots" but that response has not come. "

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