June 12, 2021

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Construction of a new cell for the disposal of solid waste in Humacao is completed

Ready for the start of the hurricane season, the solid waste management and disposal company, EC Waste reported the completion of the construction of its new cell for the disposal of non-hazardous solid waste in its Sanitary Landfill System El Coquí Landfill in Humacao.

“The construction of this new cell is part of the commitment to the country, the environment and our clients, to provide the best resources for the responsible and safe management of their non-hazardous solid waste. Like all the cells developed by EC Waste, this one was built in accordance with the requirements of subtitle D of the federal Law for the Conservation and Recovery of Resources (RCRA), ”explained the director of Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance of the company, Jorge Alexis Meléndez.

The cell was designed with a wastewater collection system – better known as leachate – which allows the liquid to flow through the bottom of the cell and be collected and arranged according to local and federal regulations.

The cell is covered with three layers of geosynthetic membranes: the first is the synthetic clay lining, which produces an impermeable layer that is activated by contact with moisture. [19659002] The second layer is the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner. This is a continuous layer throughout the Sanitary Landfill System that isolates waste from the ground.

The third layer is geotextile / geonet (geocomposite) lining for drainage. This layer protects the second layer and provides drainage at the bottom of the cell. The geocomposite drainage layers are then covered with 18 to 24 inches of permeable granular material.

The granular material protects the membranes and allows liquids produced by the waste or leachate to reach the perforated and solid pipes of the waste collection system. Leached.

The cell began construction in mid-January and work was completed during the first week of June, as scheduled. The company in charge of developing the cell was TCO Group, LLC and the installation of AGRU America's synthetic membranes was carried out by Rightway Environmental Contractors, Inc., both native entities. In terms of available airspace, the new cell has a footprint of approximately 6 cords and adds a final disposal space of 2.2 million cubic yards. Disposal of solid waste in this cell will begin this week.

EC Waste, LLC. is the leading provider of non-hazardous solid waste management and disposal services in Puerto Rico.

Based in Humacao, EC Waste provides waste management solutions to over 100,000 residential customers and 3,500 commercial customers in Puerto Rico. Its services include collection, transfer, disposal, recycling and recovery of resources. EC Waste employs about 300 people in Puerto Rico.

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