March 5, 2021

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Coronavirus deaths in Puerto Rico rise to 155

The Department of Health reported today a probable death from coronavirus, and recorded 27 confirmed cases and 60 additional probable cases.

The probable death corresponds to a 52-year-old man from the metropolitan region . With this additional death, the confirmed deaths remain at 60 and the probable ones totaled 95, so the total number of deaths increased to 155 .

The results of the 27 confirmed cases of COVID-19 correspond to 906 women and 911 men. The total number of confirmed infections was adjusted to 1,817 after eliminating a duplicate case with a sampling date of June 11. Confirmed cases are those with a positive PCR (molecular) test.

On the other hand, an additional 60 probable cases were recorded. In this line, the total is 5,970 after subtracting two cases that had a positive molecular test, dated June 19 and 29. In addition, a case reported as positive was subtracted, which the laboratory later reported as negative. Likewise, a duplicate case was subtracted and 22 cases with a sample collection date of May 14 to June 17 were added. Of the probable cases, 3,180 are women and 2,790 are men. Probable cases are those that test positive for a (rapid) serological test.

Summary of the Department of Health report

Additional confirmed cases: 27

Total confirmed cases: 1,817

Additional probable cases : 60

Total probable cases: 5,970

Additional confirmed deaths: 0

Total confirmed deaths: 60

Additional probable deaths: 1

Total probable deaths: 95

Total reported deaths: 155

People who feel anxious about the coronavirus can call the Assmca PAS Line at 1-800-981- 0023. Those with symptoms can contact the Department of Health at 787-999-6202.

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