May 11, 2021

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Coronavirus Hospitalizations Increase to 280 in Puerto Rico

Hospitalizations for the coronavirus COVID-19 in Puerto Rico continue to increase reporting a difference of 26 additional in 24 hours .

According to the numbers reported on the digital board of the Department of Health, on the island there are some 280 people interned .

Of these 280, 25 are in the intensive area, 7 additional cases from what was indicated yesterday, Wednesday .

In the case of those hospitalized with a ventilator, the number is about 14 patients, three more than on Wednesday.

Today, Salud indicated that the number of infected persons confirmed by COVID-19 reaches about 3,119 with the An additional 75 reported this morning.

However, confirmed deaths remained at 75 as none were confirmed in the past 24 hours.

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