May 14, 2021

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Coronavirus in Puerto Rico: 6,437 positive tests in 14 days

A total of 6,437 tests –molecular and serological– positive for COVID-19 were registered in the BioPortal of the Department of Health in the past 14 days.

The dates of this compilation that the health agency sends include from July 9 to 23 of the same month. During that time, 3,036 positives were reported in molecular tests, while the rapid ones totaled 3,401.

These figures represent a daily average of 460 positive tests for coronavirus in the country.

This is an increase of 283.33 % in the daily average of the various tests that give positive to covid-19, when compared to the data from the previous month.

And it is that between June 12 and 29, Puerto Rico registered only 2,035 positive tests, for a daily average of about 120 between molecular and serological.

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On the other hand, the Department of Health has registered a total of 587,963 – between both types of exams – since the pandemic began until last Thursday.

Coronavirus tests registered in the Bio Portal of the Department of Health a l July 23

“It is important to remember that the table breaks down the results of the tests reported to the Department of Health, not the cases; therefore, more evidence is recorded than confirmed and probable cases. The test results are received continuously through the BioPortal, so it should not be understood that the data presented represents the totality of the tests carried out as of the date of this report, "the agency stressed in its preliminary report. [19659011] The percentage of positivity increases

In the morning report on Saturday, Health indicated that there are a total of 496 people hospitalized, of them, 57 are in intensive care and 35 with artificial respirators. In addition, the coronavirus has claimed 201 lives in the Borincano archipelago, while it has officially infected 5,042 people and the probable cases total 9,498: this is a total of 14,540.

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Another data that has been increasing has been the percentage of positivity of molecular tests for COVID-19 , which as of July 15 stood at 6.8%.

However, that line was at 0.2% as of June 4, and after having reduced from the 11.3% that it had marked as of March 30, the first peak of the epidemic in Puerto Rico.

From June 5 to July 15, there were 4,091 cases of COVID-19 confirmed by molecular testing.

The data on the percentage of positivity are based on the 275,359 molecular tests registered. to July 23 at the BioPortal de Salud, corresponding to the working days bles from March 30 to July 15, 2020.

“The percentage of positivity is determined once the results of at least 4,000 samples are received for the corresponding day. The data on Saturdays and Sundays show a much smaller total of tests carried out, over-representing the most symptomatic patients. The recurring increase in positivity on the weekends does not represent the average weekday experience. For this reason, the graph does not include Saturdays and Sundays. This report is based on the results of tests reported to the Department of Health, not on trend estimates. The most recent data is not necessarily the most reliable; they must always be analyzed in the computer and epidemiological context, "the agency explained.

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