August 4, 2021

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Corozal girl needs help to take care of her painful condition

Every night Lisandra López tries to sleep with the hope that one day his ears will no longer carry the uncomfortable masses that caused an allergic reaction to fancy screens.

As the days go by, the masses cause pain, itching, bad smell, bleeding, and trouble resting– continue to grow, which also hits the self-esteem of this girl from Special Education.

It all started in 2018, when the masses sprouted for the first time. That year he managed to operate without setbacks. Even after a rest he was able to decorate his ears with gold shades. But the irritating condition reappeared, threatening to cover the opening of his ears or turn his head, according to his mother, Glendaliz Bou, who lives in a residential area in Corozal with her 12-year-old son and her husband José López.

“As a mother I despair. The baby is embarrassed, people look at her, “said Glendaliz by phone to First hour. “When you need a child, you do whatever.”

The masses in his ears cause pain, itching, bad smell, bleeding and difficulty in resting.

Lisandra was referred to the Medical Center in Río Piedras for a second surgery costing $ 12,000 to $ 15,000 and it does not cover the government health plan. The exorbitant amount adds to the treatments and laboratories the minor receives, as well as the food and travel expenses incurred for citations in the metropolitan area.

Glendaliz mentioned that he requested help from the municipality and that they only gave him 10 dollars. Neither can she go to work because of the girl’s condition and her husband plays “goats.”

“It is being very difficult for me, but I am managing to collect the appropriate amount for the people of Puerto Rico, which is so wonderful,” he said.

When she reaches adulthood, Lisandra “wants to be a little bit of everything”, from a teacher to a police officer, and “she likes mermaids and fish,” said her mother. He also participates in the Corozal Athletic League, he added.

To help Lisandra and her family, you can do it through ATH Móvil at 939-497-1139 Yet the Banco Popular account 054-75-2388.

“When you have a child who is going through the same thing, don’t wait, move on. We are grateful for the blessing they have given us, “said Glendaliz through tears.

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