June 15, 2021

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Correction detects positive summary to Covid-19 | government

The secretary of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DCR), Eduardo Rivera Juanatey, reported that a summary admitted to the Bayamón 705 Income Center last weekend tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19).

" After carrying out the tests on the group of summaries admitted last weekend, as part of the protocol that is followed daily with all the new admissions, one of these tested positive for the molecular test today, "Rivera Juanatey explained.

The summary was immediately quarantined, according to the agency head. This is asymptomatic. The other summaries to whom the molecular test was performed upon admission were negative.

“However, today a second round of tests was carried out as a preventive mechanism. They are all in isolation. Likewise, tests were ordered for anyone who may have had contact with the positive case, "added the official.

He explained that the new income is not directly incorporated into the sentenced population, as a measure for the prevention of contagion. According to the protocol, all new income is accessed through the Bayamón 705 Income Center. All of them undergo the test upon arrival and remain in quarantine for 14 days in private modules.

Summaries are accepted as only for the period of 7 days, and from the seventh day no additional summary is entered into that module to begin taking the period of 14 days of quarantine. Once the quarantine has passed and the negative diagnosis of the virus has been confirmed for all the members of the module, they proceed to relocate them, according to the need for spaces for new entries.

“This has been the mechanism used by the past four months since the emergency and, until today, there had been no positive case. Every day dozens of members of the free community are received at the Bayamón Income Center, "said Rivera Juanatey.

The 26-year-old man was transferred to the Correctional Medical Center, where the health team was activated to provide services in should you need them. It was placed in one of the negative pressure rooms to prevent the spread of the virus.

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