March 4, 2021

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Correction reports four inmates positive for COVID-19 in Aguadilla Prison

photo: Cybernews

SAN JUAN – The secretary of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DCR), Eduardo Rivera Juanatey, confirmed on Friday night that the Correctional Health Program notified the result of four inmates positive for COVID-19 in the Guerrero Jail in Aguadilla.

“The inmates are in good condition and have no symptoms. After seven months of continuous effort and rigor in the implementation of prevention measures against contagion in the system, these four cases are presented to us in one of the institutions. Until now we have maintained a record of zero positive cases in our entire sentenced population, which is a distance from the rest of the jurisdictions. Keeping the inmates free of the virus has always been and will continue to be our goal and the goal of all the personnel working at the DCR, ”explained Rivera Juanatey in written statements.

According to the Secretary of Correction, as a preventive measure and following the agency’s protocols, they were transferred to the Correctional Medical Center, where they are isolated from the population.

He added that “the inmates of a particular module were exposed to a correctional officer of the institution who tested positive. For this reason, the protocol was activated and molecular tests were performed on all members of the correctional population of the housing unit in which said officer worked. In total, 140 molecular tests were carried out, the rest of the 136 inmates being negative ”.

For his part, Dr. Raúl Villalobos, president of Physician Correctional, a health service provider for the prison population, stated that the four inmates, whose results were positive, underwent a second round of confirmatory tests, in compliance with the protocols. The result of this new test is in the process of being received and would validate if the initial positive result is real or if there could be a “false positive”.

“The rapid implementation of the protocols, both from the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation and Physician Correctional, contained the exposure of other inmates, so at this time the spread among the population is contained. This situation has allowed us to validate that the protocols established since the beginning of the pandemic on the island, in March, are working satisfactorily in the correctional system, ”said Dr. Villalobos.

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