August 5, 2021

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Correction will investigate deceased summary that came out positive to Covid-19

The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DCR), together with the Bureau of Forensic Sciences, are in the process of investigating to determine the real causes of death of a summary who was admitted with trauma in the Center of Bayamón entrance. According to the agency, when performing a molecular test of Covid-19, as part of the Correction protocol for all new admission, it was negative (not detected). On the fourth day of his admission, he died and, after an apparent incubation period that began before he was admitted to the system, gave a positive after his death.

After performing the rigor test, he remained quarantined, like all new entries, covered by the protocols. The summary entered with multiple traumas and other health conditions, so he was receiving medical services for the four days he was in the Income Center. For these reasons, it is not correct to conclude that his death was caused by COVID-19 until Forensics conducts the pertinent tests and proceeds to issue the final autopsy report detailing the cause of death, which precisely could have been based on of the health conditions with which it entered the system not related to COVID-19 given the negative result of our molecular test.

Dr. Raúl Villalobos explained that it is very likely that, if indeed the summary contracted the virus in the free community long before entering the system, at the time of the test at the Admission Center, as part of the protocol established by Correction for all new admissions, the virus could have been in the incubation process. For this reason, viral load levels were not yet detectable. Aware that this may occur, although with very limited probability, the agency's protocols mandate that all new entrants to the system remain in quarantine for 14 days with little contact with other members, and without any contact with the sentenced population, even with negative results. in tests. In addition, a second test is performed before relocating it.

For her part, Dr. Maria Conte Miller indicated: “In the Forensic Sciences Bureau we maintain a strict protocol when dealing with possible COVID-19 infections. In the case of the newly admitted inmate, who died on July 6, the rigorous molecular test was performed and had a positive result. This particular case requires additional studies and analysis to determine the cause of death because the body had different traumas, in addition to the fact that the patient had a history of various medical conditions. ”

Correction indicated that as soon as it occurred in Forensic knowledge, after performing a post-mortem test and showing positive, the protocol was activated again. A second round of tests, both molecular and serological, was carried out on all the summaries who were in the same housing module of the Income Center. They all tested negative. Despite not presenting the virus, they were ordered to remain in quarantine as an additional precautionary measure. Likewise, they will undergo a third round of tests before transferring or relocating them to the general population.

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