March 5, 2021

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Correctional officer who killed 3 was unarmed, but Correction returned the gun

The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DCR) had disarmed the correctional officer, Pedro Montes Collazo for an incident in 2019, but earlier this year they returned the gun to the man who last Wednesday night murdered his ex-partner, a another correctional officer and a neighbor. Montes Collazo fled the police, but this morning he committed suicide with a shot.

The Secretary of Corrections, Eduardo Rivera Juanatey, confirmed through written statements information held by Metro to the effect that the officer had been disarmed in the past, but his weapon was eventually returned to him.

Eduardo Rivera Juanatey. Photo Twitter: @DCR_PR

The 2019 incident was one involving a former partner of the correctional officer. “In relation to the file of officer Pedro Montes Collazo, a situation that occurred in 2019 was identified in which he was a partner of officer Pedro Montes Collazo, not because of him, when he went to the officer’s place of employment. During that period, for prevention, in which the details were being investigated, the DCR’s Arms Board withheld his regulation weapon according to the agency’s protocol. As part of the protocols established by the DCR, all officers have their regulation weapon withheld while an investigation is ongoing. After multiple interviews with co-workers and even with the couple, the investigation concluded without finding a basis to keep the gun from him, so the Portation Board proceeded to return it to him at the beginning of the year, ”explained Rivera Juanatey.

According to the head of the DCR, Montes Collazo never presented conduct problems in the 25 years that he worked as a correctional officer.

Regarding the fatal events of this week, Rivera Juanatey indicated that from the early hours of Thursday, he went to the Guayama Correctional Complex to work with the situation together with his Security team, and with the Police and FBI personnel who were They were there attending to what happened. In the Guayama jail, the murder of Alvin Rafael Sugrañes Lebrón, 37, who was a Custody Officer in that place, was killed. Before, Montes Collazo had murdered his ex-partner, Marilyn Reyes Ayala, 46, who worked in the Guayama Correctional Complex as a Socio-Criminal Technician. Then she also murdered Jaimette Sánchez Ledee, 45, who was her neighbor.

He was on the run from the police until this morning, instead of turning himself in, he shot himself.

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