June 19, 2021

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Court revokes decision of the President of the EEC that favored the PNP and the PPD

San Juan – Superior Judge Anthony Cuevas Ramos reversed a decision of the President of the State Elections Commission (CEE), Francisco Rosado Colomer, who favored the New Progressive Party (PNP) and the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) over the other parties that participated in the last general elections.

“The Court revokes Resolution CEE-RS-21-001 issued on January 5, 2021. By deciding that the revoked Resolution is contrary to the principle of electoral equality, we order the CEE to cease and desist from any and all efforts aimed at executing Resolution CEE-RS-21-001 immediately ”, reads the opinion issued this Thursday by judge Cuevas Ramos.

“By means of this Judgment, it must be understood that this Court recognizes equal participation before the plenary session of the State Elections Commission to the Puerto Rican Independence Party, the Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana party and the Proyecto Dignidad party,” says Judge Cuevas Ramos’ ruling.

The President of the EEC reacts

For his part, Rosado Colomer said in an interview on Radio Isla 1320 that “certainly (Judge Cuevas Ramos) has the authority to revoke me and, if final and firm, his disposition on mine remains. I don’t know if any of the parties will appeal (the decision (of Judge Cuevas Ramos). I don’t know if we are still going to appeal, I have to evaluate Judge Cuevas’ proposals.

When asked whether he is going to appeal the decision of judge Cuevas Ramos, the President of the EEC said: “I am not particularly. I think we have to have some stability now, we have other issues that are underway, and the Legislature is evaluating the (Electoral) Code again ”.

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