December 1, 2020

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Court will hold virtual hearing on the case Victoria Ciudadana vs. EEC

The San Juan Court of First Instance will hold a hearing on the appeal filed by the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC) that contains 10 requests for information to the State Elections Commission (CEE).

The view will take place through the Zoom platform, next Tuesday, November 17 at 2:30 pm.

Related note:

The legal document filed with the Court of San Juan contains 10 requests for information to the EEC: the final list of requests for absentee and early vote, broken down by precinct; the total of ballots sent and received for early voting by mail and absentee voting; the list of “traveling voter” applications received between October 1 and 4; the list of voters who voted in all early voting modalities; the number of requests to vote at home; the number of early voting requests that were recorded; the list of returned vote-by-mail applications; the number of cases authorized by JAVAA (Administrative Board of Absentee and Early Voting) to collect votes at home manually; the list of additional home voting voters; and a “breakdown of everything recorded for early voting by seal in each modality.”

According to MVC Election Commissioner Olvin Valentín, the MVC submitted these requests to the CEE on October 8 and 14, with no results. In the legal appeal, it is indicated that, in the absence of responses from the body, Valentín raised the matter at the meeting of the full commission.

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