March 4, 2021

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COVID-19 cases among Latinos drop in the state of Florida despite being blamed for the rise

Miami – The percentage of confirmed Latino cases of COVID-19 in Florida has dropped from 34.8% to 34.3% since June 1 at a time when Governor Ron DeSantis has blamed agricultural workers the vast majority of whom are Hispanic, from the rise of the pandemic in the last two weeks.

In contrast, cases among the white race rose from 53.4% ​​to 54.6% in the "Sun state", which this Monday broke the barrier of 100,000 confirmed cases after last Saturday's record of 4,049 in 24 hours.

The figures were published by Rebekah Jones, creator of the official Florida website and fired, according to her, for questioning the lack of official transparency.

According to the latest data from the official website of the Florida Department of Health (DOH), 103,503 people have already been infected, of whom 3,238 have died.

Jones, which is based in official DOH figures, he also noted s that cases among African-Americans also decreased from 20.2% to 18.1% between June 1 and 21.

The geographer stressed in her Twitter account that the figures contradict blame for the rise in the pandemic in the state to the largely Hispanic farmworkers and African American youth who participated in the marches against racial discrimination.

Jones maintains an alternate site on the Florida pandemic, Florida COVID Action, which is fed with official information that is public.

"Blaming farmworkers and Hispanics is a racist and xenophobic ploy that Floridians must not fall for," Arturo López, a member of the Coalition of Service Providers for Migrants.

The coalition noted that "Governor DeSantis's attacks come at a time when most of the fields are empty, since the crops, except for the citrus , ended in late April. "

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