June 14, 2021

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COVID-19: Health reports 11 deaths and 356 additional confirmed cases

The Department of Health reported today 11 deaths additional for COVID-19 that occurred last November and this month of January, as indicated by the agency in its report that it issues daily.

Salud noted that total deaths reached 1,812. The number is divided into 1,526 confirmed and 286 probable deaths.

COVID-19 report from January 29, 2021.

In addition, 356 new confirmed cases of coronavirus by positive molecular tests. The total of confirmed cases adds up 86,302.

Similarly, Salud reported 123 new probable cases detected through antigen testing. The total of probable cases increased to 6,666.

He also reported 733 new suspected cases, these by positive serological tests. The total of suspected cases increased to 67,819.

All these new cases were detected by samples taken from January 13 to 27, Salud said.

Meanwhile, the agency added that due to coronavirus there is 280 hospitalized people, 18 of these pediatric. Yesterday the figure was 293.

In addition, it indicates that there are 54 adult patients in intensive care by COVID-19. It also mentions that 36 adults are hooked up to a fan due to the virus.

People who are anxious about the coronavirus can call the Assmca PAS line to the 1-800-981-0023. Those with symptoms can contact the Health Department to the 787-999-6202.

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